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Full Moon Memories

The full moon makes me restless. Disturbs the sleep. It stirs the brain like silt from a riverbed. Thoughts and images rise as bubbles, murky, then shimmering, bursting crystal upon the surface. How will tomorrow be? Was there a container of whipped of cream with that last cobbler? Have I forgotten someone, something? Memories flicker […]

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Daylight Savings

Geez, I more than mildly dislike this “set the clock up an hour thing”; it’s like getting up at 2 rather than 3, then I’m groggy, cranky and under caffeinated the day long. If they would just leave me be; no, the taxes aren’t done and that pile over there needs tended to before it […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Special

O.K., so we don’t get out much, head down and warmly cocooned behind the stove as we are. But we did venture out in search of a DVR machine on Sunday. Silly me, pretty much missed that technological dinghy said the sales guy as he showed us the one dusty model in stock at Best […]

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