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Remembering old friends

So it looks like the latest version of the itinerant yard guy is a no show; the lawn is dog belly high and the “never go away” mint and grass is beginning to devour the flowerbeds once again. I swear, plastic flowers and cement have never looked so appealing to me as they do this […]

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New Season with Tate and Tate

It would be the vagabond life for me. That romantic hobo scene from an old time movie, the bag of worldly possessions slung over the shoulder on a stick, a Red Skelton, upturned, pork pie hat and half spent cigar held by fingerless gloves. Each day to be something precious, held close, examined like a […]

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Remember When

It was the summer of 1970, we took our off day meals at the “All you can eat for $1.00, Perry Boys Buffet” on the corner of 82nd and Foster Road, while working for the “Old Man” in that gawd awful, rat hole of a country western bar he owned in S.E. Portland. Well, he […]

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