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­04/28/13 The local paper mentioned Rose’s restaurant in PDX last week, an interview reminiscence of a 30 year old about giant cakes and huge cinnamon rolls.  Not the ’60’s Rose’s I recall mind you where there would be skinny Max in his pressed dark suit meeting you at the door when you finally got in […]

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Spring is almost here, as God is my witness. I shall be warm again, ground will thaw, birds will sing and life will out. Geez, from the look of the power bill it must of been gold shavings we’ve been burning to keep warm. We actually live in dread of the grocery aisle, rumor has it […]

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Now, I’ve lived in this place for most my years so it comes as no shock to get up in the morning and find the ground littered. My new neighbor, on the other hand, has been watering a new front lawn for a week with a sprinkler system set for around 3 a.m., and well, […]

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So it looks like the latest version of the itinerant yard guy is a no show; the grass is dog belly high and the “never go away” mint is beginning to devour the flowerbeds once again. I swear, plastic flowers and cement have never looked so appealing to me as they do this morning. And […]

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She sits outside on one of our hard plastic chairs that surround the relic of this round, iconic glass, picnic table that’s been just too much trouble to discard over the past decade. Feet in clean, white running shoes, swinging without touching the ground, Momma looks ever the much so like a little girl, small […]

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