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Yellow Roses

05/28/2013 They came bringing great yellow roses, weaving up the walkway in a rusty wheelbarrow; Leland’s heavy black glasses slipping down his nose, sweating into the striped “Polo” he always wore, straining against the weight of the plant and the inevitable flatness of a worn tire. Kevin, young and thin, soft brown hair like a […]

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05/20/2013 Ahh shucks …… Someone needs to go where the rhubarb grows and rake in the fish fertilizer so that the dogs won’t eat it all. Or muddle about a bit in the front flowerbeds, sort the weeds from the maybe weeds. Determine what can stay and what cannot. You know, make the big decisions […]

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Sorcerers Apprentice

05/13/2013 The 70’s pretty much eluded me, no bell bottom jeans or synthetic shirts open to the chest showing chains of gold or worse, dance floors filled with shimmering light and music on Fizzies. Nope, after high school it was mostly working for the Old Man in some small, under lit, after thought, one butt […]

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Mother’s Day 2013

What a glorious weekend, if not for the wind of course, but we expect some breeze in the afternoons here. But if you were behind the window, in that perfect stream of sunlight, on the couch say, well………. Which reminds me, it is almost Mothers Day. Ye gads but it still sends shivers of fear […]

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