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Oregon Berries

06/24/2013 Crap, looks like Portland outside my office window this morning, gray and drizzle as far as the eye can see and there’s some guy sleeping amongst the cardboard, behind the Quickie Mart. Some days there is just not enough coffee in the world to turn the engine over for another go. I swear, for […]

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Candles & Strawberries

06/17/2013 We are like candles, beginning bright and full, burning lower over time, the light around us dimmer, our world smaller. I dreamt of the old dog last night. Shepard lab mix of a hound, black and tan trim, delicate steps on ground just turning to spring. Could see her clear as crystal, patrolling the […]

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2:30 in The Morning

06/03/2013 Ah Geezus, it’s two thirty in the Morning…. after a 3 a.m. day; dark as pitch, and the dogs are leading the blind here. Sadistic little black one nudging my dead hand with cold nose from the side of the bed, brushing back the cobwebs of sleep with her determination to go outside, Right […]

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