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Well, the weather has turned to crap. Must be Halloween. The doorbell rings, the hounds bark and bolt for the door, crowding the screen for a peek, Dexter Dog will bury his head in the nearest offered sack like a horse to a feed bag, kind of a reverse “Trick or Treat”, come away with […]

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  Sunday was a morning to take our breath away. The sky bathed in golden edged vermillion and the Earth followed with the colors of velvet pink roses lifting to the sun. As a community we collectively reached to the heavens in Avery Walker’s name; the heavens responded and our breath returned. Go in Peace. […]

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My parents came to town in ’52 and bought a bar with a Chinese restaurant attached. I guess Pop just figured that if he owned the bar, it would cut down on his cost of drinking and Mama had been waiting tables at the “Y” tavern in Oregon City, anyway. So Kismit, kinda, sorta. Along […]

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The Holidays

So here we are, back again, gearing up for the season, clearing out the cobwebs and looking for that Kenny G Christmas CD. Even though CD’s now teeter before the god of technological extinction, gone to MP3’s, IPhones, IPods or that great musical black hole in the sky. Geez, I’ve not even got my old […]

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