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Soon it will be Fall again, deer-hunting season arrives and the guys will be out scouting, camping, shooting. Although it seems there are deer everywhere now and a person shouldn’t have to look very hard, why, they’re standing on street corners waiting for traffic to pass, or munching grass in the football fields, milling about […]

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6/30/14 Yee Gads, it”s the 4th of July.. It’s what amounts to summer in Central Oregon. Really, June can, and does, everything, snow, freeze, blister the paint. Anything. August, the nights are chillier, the days shorter and a person feels fall a-lurking round the back door asking for spare change. But July, sweet July, long […]

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The Alabaster Girl

7/7/14 Well, well just add July to the calendar and instantaneously it’s: “Summer in Central Oregon.” Our rhubarb has bolted in the sun, it was the shortest strawberry crop that we’ve seen, in and out with the sporadic rains, now the blistering heat will lay waste to the rest. We only got out the sparsest […]

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