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Mother’s Day

05/10/15 Mother’s Day, Ye Gads but it still sends shivers of fear down an old fry cooks heart; rolled over by a herd market driven to show affection with cards, flowers and time spent in some restaurant waiting for eggs. It’s probably just me, but it’s just more appropriate to have a quite little breakfast […]

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5 Dogs

05/04/15 These are perfect mornings here; clean, clear, just within an inch of warm, a carpet of velvet dew upon the grass. Barb wades amongst our small sea of dogs, they lap to her knees and eddy around in small swirls, occasional exuberant puppy waves splash waist high, washing up, around, and then rippling back […]

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Waiting in Line

04/26/15 Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but; you know that three way corner going south on Canal after the light on Veterans’, just behind Beasley’s, across from that big, old house with the barn in back and additional parking for “God knows what”, ‘cause nothing seems to stick in that location, yeah, just […]

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  Forgive me, forgive me, we’re a bit slow from the line this time; March turned so very bitter, taking our beloved Polly in a slow, aching spiral that, looking back, was as abrupt as the sun disappearing from the horizon into the sea, leaving us reaching for one another in the inevitable darkness to […]

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Old Dogs in the Sun

1/19/15 I want to write this down, have it on paper or on disk. Not trust it to memory. Place it away with those treasures of the others, worn collars and bits of fur, snapshots of old dogs that have graced our lives. This is the painful part, the fading away, the coaxing to eat, […]

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